The BAC ART STUDIO of Venice

born from the experience of Paolo Baruffaldi and Claudio Bazzichetto with the creation of the Art Workshops ” Cadore ” in 1977 in Venice – S. Croce , in 1980 in Paris-Montparnasse and 1981 in Rialto. The true birth of the artistic and exhibition with a sign ” BAC ART STUDIO ” is still placed in the opening of the field office in San Maurizio in 1985. The new office in San Vio (1998 ) is the further and more important stage of this long planning and artistic development. The exhibition space of the new gallery includes: a graphics shop, where they continue to carry out its activities of design and research Baruffaldi and Cadore, an art gallery, for solo and group exhibitions; Publishing a section for the presentation of prints, posters, catalogs and art books, bookmarks, book .

In February 2017 the activity of the gallery moves to Calle delle Botteghe 3451, Campo S. Stefano area. In this path leading to Palazzo Grassi, they still resist antique activities, painting and photography galleries, antique booksellers, small shops of Fine Art items.

Paolo Baruffaldi

Paolo Baruffaldi, peintre-graveur, received a degree in Philosophy from the University of Venice Ca’ Foscari in 1975. It was at this time that he began his first experiments with Graphic Art with Licata, Sanchini and Goetz. In 1982 and 1983 he took part in Incontri Internazionali “Anacapri: questioni delle Arti”, organized by the city of Anacapri and co-ordinated by Gillo Dorfles. Here his work began to take on a more pictorial nature, working with Enrico Baj and Joe Tilson. In 1983 he exhibited a body of work entitled “Carnevale a Venezia” at the George Pompidou Center in Paris. In the same year he began a project entitled “Venezia Capitale” of which he has developed three phases so far: La Mala Pianta, cement, canvas and plexiglass (1983), Amanti, rilievi, wood outline (1984), and Il Gran Narciso, paper and canvas (1986).

In 1988 he dealt with two innovative subjects: Made in Italy, an ironic title was given to introduce a corpus of engravings inspired by articles of clothing, and La Natura Morta, the artist chose a technique using “Carborundum” to execute this piece. Both of these works use large-sized plates and have been pulled a limited number of times, from the first and unique edition to the eleventh. In the early 90s he began a series of thematic exhibitions which have proven to be extremely meaningful and representative of his creative and artistic development.
Baruffaldi’s new exhibitions and artistic initiatives are based on the following themes:

Terra di Siena, acquatin and carborundum;
Le Réveil, a collection of color engravings;
Ostentatio Imaginis, portraits elaborated with computer graphics;
Carnevale profano, etching, aquatint and “vernice molle”;
Codice 48, carborundum;
Matinée, aquatint sequel to Le Réveil.

Since 2000, Baruffaldi has divided into three parts his work : “HANS” Angeli – Nature – Scritture.

 Angeli.The figure of an angel, in the profane sense, first appeared in his exposition entitled“Le Réveil 2000” and was soon to become a genre in its own right giving rise to miniature works (etchings, acquaints and soft waxes) and experimental graphic creations and monotypes on a large scale making use of gold leaf.

 Nature.The term “ still life” is both misleading and limiting in this case as it has little to do with the classic, conventional concept of still life. Alongside those typical objects such as fruit or a vase of flowers we find items of clothing and objects of everyday use (eg. the Moka coffee pot) making use of the “Goetz” experimental technique.

Scritture. Baruffaldi’s sign-symbol-signature made its first appearance during the seventies but then withdrew into the realms of his more private works of interior dialogue. It reappeared like a karstic river emerging unexpectedly from its long underground course in the exposition in illo temporeof 2001



Catalogues and publications



Carnival in Venice, the Doge Publisher
Texts by Paolo Rizzi , Lina Padoan Urban, Claire Normand.
The book includes images taken from original works by the artist and inspired by the first editions of the Venice Carnival, organized and directed by Maurizio Scaparro.
Edition of 2,000 numbered and signed.
The book, complete with posters and original prints, presented in 1983 to the BPI of the Centre George Pompidou in Paris. Later, the exhibition will be required from other galleries and institutional venues in France, to document this new version of the Venice Carnival.


Carnival profane, Published by the Gallery BAC Art Studio Venice
Emanuele Horodniceanu texts, Pasqui Duccio, Attilio Maggiulli
The new volume dedicated to the Carnival, expands the sources of inspiration, accepting characters from the modern world, such as the new myths of advertising, film, sport. New “masks” unorthodox and provocative that will further development of the Angels in the figures that the artist will propose soon.



Le Réveil, Catalogue BAC n ° 7
The catalog presents the new series of color etchings, inspired by the figure of the new “young gentleman” (Parini),  with all that entails adherence to the contemporary. The new rites, the “tic”, manias and phobias of hedonistic and superficial generations, fully involved and convinced by consumerism


Terrae,  Catalogue BAC n° 11
Ines Brentan texts, Francesco Lusciano and artist.
The catalog documents the exhibition in Chioggia, at the former Church of S.Pieretto.
Appears in the foreground figure-signature anthropomorphic author. Present from the earliest works by the artist (Reperti, 1978), remained in the background, it emerges from karst caves where they had taken refuge, and the protagonist returns to document research and thinking, unencumbered by urgencies exhibition, commercial and creative routine. Here is pure pleasure to create and to testify, even using the most advanced digital imaging techniques. The works come from photographs of perishable matrices overlapping Lands, Waters and real Heaven. The combination produces unique works, printed on canvas.



Il Leone e l’ Angelo, Quaderno BAC n° 17
Texts by Giuliano Gargano.
The Angels of the third millennium, the provocative and irreverent as contemporaries.
Angels-Pulcinella, S.Sebastiani ecstatic, triumphant angels and fallen angels.
The artist documents through a personal vision and interpretation, Gods and Myths of actuality, as are witnessed by the media, especially new media company that soon it will come powerfully into everyday life of old and new generations, transforming finally the perception of the world, ego and us.



Alphabet Veneziano
Emanuele Horodniceanu texts, works of Baruffaldi and Cadore
A path for texts and images. For each letter of the alphabet they are combined image of Venice and a short poem.
“Venetian Ancient Rhythms: I’m in the air, you have them in the legs. you hear them in the light of the bridges unevenness in light and dark paths in the lanes and fields … ”


Rosso comunista (Communist red)
Published by “” of the Espresso publishing group.
The first book of only artist texts. Writings, poems, poems so far held strictly as a private matter.


Le ossa del cuore (The bones of the heart), the story in poetic form
Published by “” of the Espresso publishing group.
It comprises four sections: -The bones of the heart, -Canzoni for Mina, Rosso comunista, -In Fine.


La Mala Pianta, art project in three parts
Published by “” of the Espresso publishing group.
Thirty years to the day since the beginning of the artistic project, the book contains, for future reference, an important phase of the author’s artistic research. Perhaps “nostalgia” sure, but also a healthy realism that defeats any bitterness.
Images and texts of the three phases of the project: TLa Mala Pianta -1983, -1984 Amanti rilievi, -1982 Il Gran Narciso.



SS 309, Strada Statale Romea
Catalog of the exhibition held at the event “This is contemporary art”, in the Cloister of the Church of the Frari in Venice, in the summer of 2015.
art project in XIV stations, a form of secular via Crucis.
text by Saverio Simi de Burgis

Nota Bene:
All artist’s works are cataloged in the database but also in a real archive that collects both matrices proofing.
The lyrics, prose and poetry, is collected electronically in various files. In addition to those published recently, most of it is still unpublished, but in the process of reworking, waiting to be published.


Most Recent Exhibitions

June-July 2008: “In Illo Tempore”, One-man-show

June-September 2009: “L’uno e il molteplice” (The one and the many)” Collective

June-July 2010: “Per Inciso”

an exhibition-path on engraving techniques, with works by several important artists who have used the options and the different languages ​​of the engraved matrix, to obtain original results through various decades of experimentation.

Dall’Acquaforte to Carborundum, from Punta Secca to Grafiscultura, the engraver Paolo Baruffaldi has gathered next to their works, many artists with whom he exhibited, since 1975, in many national and international events dedicated to graphics (Boni, Goetz, Licata , eg). He also chose to exhibit even some acknowledged master (de Carolis, de Chirico, Bortoluzzi, Chia, Fetting, Leonor Fini, Pizzinato, Tramontin and others) to complete as much as possible the horizon of the techniques used in contemporary graphics.

September-october 2010: “Invenit”, Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Crystal: collective

June-July 2011: “Con garbo senza sgarbi” (Gracefully, without Sgarbi), the BAC Artists, collective

March 2012: “Artists in the exhibition” Art Fair of Parma, collective

June to December 2012: “6th International Biennial of Contemporary Art”, Ferrara, one-man-show

June to November 2013:“Featured artist”, group show at the BAC Art Studio Venice

May to October 2015

“This is contemporary art”, Cloister of the Church of the Frari, Venice

art project “S.S.309, State Road Romea” in the fourteenth stations. A way secular Crucis. Works on canvas 50 x 100 cm.

text by Saverio Simi de Burgis


Exhibitions of Paolo Baruffaldi

“solo” and group exhibitions

Anthological exhibition

Part One 1974-1987

08/24/1974 – 07/09/1974
Visions and interpretations, S.Silvestro Gallery, Venice – Texts: U.Manani – artist’s first exhibition in Venice

one-man-show, Rist. Romani – Rettorgole, Vicenza – Texts: U.Manani – evening / event

22/11/1975 – 12/06/1975
Visions and interpretations of Venice, Gallery CAVE 2, Treviso – Texts: C.Bazzichetto – graphics and watercolors

12/28/1976 – 01/14/1977
Graphic Collective, International Graphic Centre, Venice,

“Reperti”, International Graphic Centre, Venice – Texts: P. Fraccalini – Publication of the 5 colored engravings Folder

12/02/1977 – 25/02/1977
Graphic Collective, Segno Grafico Gallery, Venice – Texts: M.Stefani

1977, April: Opening of the first Bottega d’Arte Cadore in Venice, S.Cassiano

IV Festival of Contemporary Graphics, Municipal Library, Forli – Baruffaldi, Awarded with the Round Table Plaque

08/27/1977 – 30/09/1977
Graphic Collective, Venezia Viva Gallery, Venice – Texts: S.Gosparini

09/22/1978 – 29/09/1978
the Zodiac, art workshop “CADORE”, Venice – Texts: E.Gavezzotti – Folder of 12 colored engravings

09/26/1978 – 03/10/1978
“Reperti”, Venezia Viva Gallery, Venice – Texts: P. Fraccalini – Publication of the 5 colored engravings Folder

“Iris history – Reperti”, G5 Studio Gallery, Chioggia – Texts: M.Stefani – during the course of etching by the artist held

10/05/1979 – 13/10/1979
Cadore-Randazzo: The dolls of L.Randazzo, the Cadore engravings, Bottega d ‘art “CADORE”, Venice – artwork and biscuit

06/01/1980 – 15/06/1980
The moon (La Luna), Gallery Atelier 24, Paris – Texts M. Stefani – Three colored engravings – First exhibition of the artist in Paris

1980, Opening of “L’atelier Cadore” in Paris Montparnasse

06/19/1981 – 30/06/1981
Cadore-Randazzo: The dolls L.Randazzo the Cadore engravings, Gallery Botteguccia art, Aosta – Texts: L.Randazzo – graphics and biscuit

08/10/1981 – 15/10/1981
The Carnival in Venice, art workshop “CADORE”, Venice – Texts: Lina P.Urban – Colour prints

01/11/1980 – 11/30/1980
Images de Venise, Gallery Atelier Cadore, Paris – aquatints, watercolors

01/11/1980 – 11/30/1980
Salon D’Automne, Grand Palais, Paris – Baruffaldi, Folder “the Moon”, three color etchings

06/10/1981 – 19/06/1981
Salon International de Printemps 81, Gallery Salle de Fetes, Arles – Baruffaldi invited artist

06/11/1981 – 11/30/1981
Images de Venise, Gallery Atelier Cadore, Paris – Eaux-fortes et watercolors

03/01/1982 – 31/03/1982
etching and aquatint, Library “La Strada” , Grenoble – engravings and prints

01/07/1982 – 31/07/1982
Incontri Internazionali d’Arte “The question of the arts”, Directed by Gillo Dorfles – City of Anacapri – with Enrico Baj – Baruffaldi, artist awarded
10/11/1982 – 25/11/1982
The Carnival of Venice – Gallery Ai Fiori Chiari, Palermo – the artist Texts – Colour prints

Carnaval à Venise, Gallery L’Atelier Cadore, Paris – etchings aquatints

11/02/1983 – 28/02/1983
Carnival in Venice,  Cultural Center, Valli di Chioggia – Images of the Carnival and presentation Book “Carnival in Venice”

04/05/1983 – 16/05/1983
Carnival in Venice, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris – Texts: Rizzi, Urban, Normand – Espace debates-B.P.I

01/07/1983 – 31/07/1983
Incontri Internazionali d’Arte “The question of the arts”, Directed by Gillo Dorfles – City of Anacapri – with Joe Tilson – Baruffaldi, invited artist

08/10/1983 – 10/29/1983
La Mala Pianta, S.Basso Ateneo, Venice – Texts: P.Baruffaldi – Show, installation and concert – the First Chapter of Venice Capital

Collective: Printmakers of Venice and Tuscany, Print Gallery Guild Gallery, Melbourne – Etchings and aquatints by Baruffaldi and Cadore

02/01/1984 – 14/02/1984
Collective: the Carnival Artists, Scuola Grande S. Teodoro, Venice

07/02/1984 – 23/02/1984
Carnaval en Diagonal, Gallery Espace Diagonal, Nice – Baruffaldi, Winner of the first prize for the Poster
02/25/1984 – 07/03/1984
Collective: Centième Carnaval de Nice, In collaboration with the City of Venice – Palazzo Giustiniani, Venice – Exposition de Projets d’affiches

Comédie Italienne, Paris, Evening, meeting, concert on “AMANTI” by Paolo Baruffaldi

03/15/1984 – 03/18/1984
International Fair of Contemporary Art BARI, Gallery Exhibition Centre, Bari – In collaboration with the “Doge Editore”

01/10/1984 – 15/10/1984
Venice Capital, Etchings, publishing, various techniques – Scuola Grande S. Teodoro, Venice

20/10/1984 – 10/31/1984
Venezia capital – Amanti, Gallery Fenice, Venice – the artist Texts – II Chapter of Venice Capital

11/01/1984 – 11/04/1984
Collective: Latin Culture, International festival of arts and culture of the Latin world – the Grand Palais, Paris

11/09/1984 – 11/28/1984
Carnival in Venice, Estampille Gallery, Brussels – etchings, aquatints

12/14/1984 – 03/04/1985
Venise, Musée des Arts de la Ville, Cholet – Review of graphic

Ente Fiera Milano – Publishing and posters

Carnival in Venice, Chapître Gallery XII, Brussels – Graphic works

28/02/1985 – 03/09/1985
Salon de l’Estampe – Ville d’Avray – Graphics Shop – Baruffaldi and Cadore, invited artists

Graphics works, Organized by the BRED Bank

07/27/1985 – 31/07/1985
Venise et son Carnaval, Gallery Chateau de l ‘Isle Briand, Val D’Oudon

10/18/1985 – 25/10/1985
Venise à Bordeaux, Mairie de la Ville, Bordeaux – Guest artist

1985, Opening of the new headquarters of the gallery in the Campo S.Maurizio in Venice

Magie et fête à Venise, Arcus Gallery, Paris – the evening-show of Riccardo Licata invitation

15/02/1986 – 28/02/1986
Les Intrigues du Carnaval, The Comedie Italienne, Paris – Show installation

05/03/1986 – 09/03/1986
International Fair of Contemporary Art BARI, Fairgrounds, Bari

15/02/1986 – 04/13/1986
Venise à Paris, Gallery Atelier Cadore, Paris – In collaboration with the Ministere de la Culture, France

04/15/1986 – 03/05/1986
Couleurs de Venise, Gallery des Ouvrageurs de la Pierre-au-bois – exhibition at the invitation of the Cultural Center Dante Alighieri, Limoges

22/05/1986 – 05/26/1986
Art Fair in Bologna, Fair District, Bologna – one-man-show

04/10/1986 – 31/10/1986
Grand Narciso, Gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – the artist Texts – Chapter III of Venice Capital

01/11/1986 – 06/11/1986
Fiest, Conciergerie, Paris – Graphics Shop – one-man-show

20/02/1987 – 23/02/1987
Art Fair in Bologna, Exhibition Centre, Bologna

03/19/1987 – 03/04/1987
Works, Chambre de Commerce Italienne, Paris – shows invitational

04/01/1987 – 31/05/1987
Baruffaldi-Cadore: Ten years of research and graphic production, Gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – anthology 1977/1987

Poster competition, Loveland Museum Colorado, USA – Competition artist posters

9th Meeting “Colonete”, Artistic Centre “The Colonete”, Venice

Attica, Gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – Texts: Paolo Rizzi – Folder five etchings 100×70 cm
19/10/1987 -24/10/1987
Attica-Nature Morte, Galleria Il Campiello, Paris – Texts: P.Rizzi – Folder 5 etchings

11/28/1987 – 12/12/1987
Collective: Gravures, Gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice


Part Two: 1988-1997


19/02/1988 – 02/22/1988
Arte Fiera Bologna, Exhibition Centre, Bologna – Baruffaldi (One-man-show)

09/03/1988 – 14/03/1988
SAGA 88, Grand Palais, Paris – Salon de l’Estampe et de l’Edition d’Art

05/14/1988 – 02/06/1988
5th Biennale de l’Estampe, Forum des Chôlettes, Sarcelles (France)

07/30/1988 – 30/08/1988
5 ^ Stampa Arte, Palazzo Ducale, Urbino

10th Meeting “Colonete“, Circ Gallery. Artistic “The Colonete”, Venice

09/24/1988 – 08/10/1988
“Made in Italy”, gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – the artist Texts – aquatints, Carborundum

12th International Poster Biennale, Warsaw (Poland)

01/07/1989 – 07/02/1989
“Alphabet Veneziano”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: E.Horodniceanu – Folder of 23 graphic works

“Nature Morte and Made in Italy”, Rist. Mondo Novo, Venice – Evening-meeting

17/02/1989 – 20/02/1989
Arte Fiera Bologna, Exhibition Centre, Bologna – (one-man-show)

02/03/1989 – 06/03/1989
SAGA 89, Grand Palais, Paris – Salon de l’Estampe et de l’Edition d’Art – Baruffaldi (One Man Show)

04/06/1989 – 07/02/1989
1989 collective, Villa Contarini, Piazzola sul Brenta

01/03/1990 – 15/03/1990
Collective: The artist and the tree, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

05/04/1990 – 09/04/1990
SAGA 90, Grand Palais, Paris – Salon de l’Edition d’Art – Baruffaldi (One Man Show)

10/11/1990 – 11/10/1990
“Terra di Siena – Dolomites – Nature Morte”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

01/03/1991 – 05/03/1991
SAGA 91, Grand Palais, Paris – Salon de l’Edition d’Art – Baruffaldi (One Man Show)

09/14/1991 – 10/05/1991
“One on One, when the incision is a unique specimen, gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice

Le Réveil, Galleria Il Campiello, Paris – Texts artist – Portfolio 7 aquatints – Evening-meeting

14/11/1991 – 11/19/1991
Graphic Art 91, Barcelona – Graphics Shop

15/12/1991 – 01/18/1992
Collective: The “Cartolina d’Artista”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

04/03/1992 – 03/09/1992
SAGA 92, Exhibition of printmaking, Grand Palais, Paris – Salon de l’Edition d’Art – Baruffaldi (One Man Show)

Show-Meeting: Autour de Dino Buzzati, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

12/12/1992 – 09/01/1993
Cartolina d’Artista, Greeting Artist “Free theme”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – First Edition – Original works of small format

05/02/1993 – 02/27/1993
“TUTTIFRUTTI”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – experimental works on canvas and paper gypsum and Carnival poster presentation

03/03/1993 – 08/03/1993
SAGA 93, Salon de l’Estampes, Grand Palais, Paris – Baruffaldi, Le Réveil

01/04/1993 – 04/04/1993
Collettiva, Congress Centre, Florence – IV Exhibition of Contemporary Art

“Ostentatio Imaginis”, Galleria Il Campiello, Paris – Texts artist – Portraits made to the computer

11/12/1993 – 08/01/1994
Cartolina d’Artista, Greeting Artist “Portrait and Self-portrait”, gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – Texts: A.P.Zugni-Tauro – II Edition

01/02/1994 – 28/02/1994
“Carnival Profane”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: author – Presentation of two posters for the Carnival

03/23/1994 – 03/28/1994
SAGA 94, Exhibition of printmaking, Porte de Versailles, Paris

04/02/1994 – 16/02/1994
“Venetian aquatints”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

26/05/1994 – 05/29/1994
MIART 94, Novegro Exhibition Centre, Milan

“Carnival Profane, Gallery Maison du Livre italien, Paris – Book Presentation and discussion

“Carnival Profane”, Association Help Production, Paris – Exposition-signature du livre

“Carnival Profane”, Galleria Il Campiello, Paris – Exposition-signature du livre

10/12/1994 – 07/01/1995
Cartolina d’Artista, Greeting Artist “Greetings from …“, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: M.Stefani – Third Edition

01/31/1995 – 18/02/1995
“Carnival Profane”, Centre d’Animation Cordier, Le Mée Sur Seine, Aquatintes, gravures

05/25/1995 – 05/29/1995
MIART 95, Novegro Exhibition Centre, Milan

09/30/1995 – 28/10/1995
Atelier d’Artista, S.Basso Ateneo, Venice – Texts: C.Bazzicchetto, Artists: Baruffaldi, Chimenti, Giancaterino, Dalla Venezia, Maja, Smali

22/03/1996 – 25/03/1996
MIART “96, Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, Milan

14/12/1996 – 11/01/1997
Cartolina d’Artista,  Greeting Artist “Venice Burn”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: D.Pasqui – IV ° Edition

30/01/1997 – 02/15/1997
“Carnival Profane”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: Artist – Presentation new aquatints and poster for Carnival

30/01/1997 – 02/15/1997
Baruffaldi – Horodniceanu: “Alphabet Veneziano”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: the artists – illustrated Notebooks, aquatints of Baruffaldi and lyrics by Horodniceanu

21/03/1997 – 03/24/1997
MIART “97, modern and contemporary art fair in Milan, Baruffaldi, The Matinee/Réveil


Part Three: 1998-2007


1998 Opening of the new gallery in Dorsoduro, S.Vio

01/07/1998 – 20/08/1998
Collective: Atelier artist, gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice

28/01/1999 – 01/02/1999
Arte Fiera, Bologna, collective

02/06/1999 – 27/02/1999
Collective: “Licet insanire, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: L.Urban – Catalogue BAC n ° 4, Twenty artists and the Carnival of Venice 1999

06/07/1999 – 31/07/1999
Collective: Atelier d’Artista “99, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: C.Bazzichetto – Paintings, sculpture, graphics

18/12/1999 – 01/15/2000
Collective: Cartolina d’Artista “Music, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: Horodniceanu – Fifth Edition – Catalogue BAC n ° 6

26/02/2000 – 04/15/2000
“Le Réveil 2000”, gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – Texts: I. Brentan – BAC Catalogue No. 7

21/12/2000 – 01/28/2001
Collective: Atelier d’Artista, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I. Brentan – Winter Edition 2000/2001

02/10/2001 – 10/03/2001
Twenty years of posters of the Venice Carnival, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I. Brentan – 1981-2001 Twenty years of posters of the Venice Carnival designed by Baruffaldi

31/03/2001 – 26/05/2001
Collective: Atelier d’Artista, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan, Edition Spring 2001: Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Photography

19/06/2001 – 11/08/2001
Collective: “In Illo Tempore, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan

08/18/2001 – 22/09/2001
Collective: Not only sculpture, gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan

01/11/2001 – 30/11/2001
International exhibition graphics, Bled (Slovenia)

12/08/2001 – 30/01/2002
Collective: “Still Lives”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan – Nine artists discuss on the topic STILL LIFE

15/12/2001 – 15/01/2002
“Angels Journey, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan – icons of our time

01/02/2002 – 28/02/2002
Carnival 2002, Gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan

02/03/2002 – 30/03/2002
“HANS”: Angels-Nature-Scripture, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: Artist

07/03/2002 – 10/03/2002
Artists in Turin, Art Exhibition Contemporaea, Turin – Third Edition Exhibition of Contemporary Art

01/04/2002 – 15/04/2002
Venetian aquatints, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: P. Baruffaldi – etchings, aquatints – BAC Catalogue No. 10

01/05 / 2002- 05/05/2002
Europ’Art Genève, Artefiera, Geneva

04/05/2002 – 25/05/2002
Collective: Atelier d’Artista, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan – Spring 2002 Edition

28/09/2002 – 09/11/2002
Aquatints Silver, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan – 25 Years of graphic activity – BAC Catalogue No. 10

15/02/2003 – 22/03/2003
Paolo Baruffaldi and still life, gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – the artist Texts – large format experimental works

01/03/2003 – 15/03/2003
“The angel of the profane and the mask”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan – unpublished works inspired by the mask at the Venice Carnival

05/10/2003 – 24/05/2003
The Marciliana of Chioggia, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Presentation etching-aquatint chosen for the poster of the Palio di Chioggia

20/09/2003 – 19/10/2003
“Terrae”, Church of S.Pieretto, Chioggia – Texts: Brentan, Lusciano, Baruffaldi – BAC Catalogue No. 11

08/02/2004 – 08/02/2004
Baruffaldi-Cadore: Not only Carnival, Villa Barco Zonca, Villorba – Texts: Consuelo Ceolin

18/08/2004 – 18/09/2004
Collective: Atelier d’Artista, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: C.Bazzichetto

19/11/2004 – 23/11/2004
Vineart, Contemporary Art Fair, Bolzano

10/01/2005 – 28/01/2005
“Seven brothers”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Folder seven engravings

28/01/2005 – 12/02/2005
Reflection of Carnival, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

03/06/2005 – 05/06/2005
Salon Italy in 2005, Porte de Versailles, Paris

25/06/2005 – 31/07/2005
Collective: “New Icons” – Artists in Venice between 20 ° and 21 ° century. Gallery Bac Art Studio, Venice – Texts: P. Baruffaldi – BAC Catalogue No. 13

24/09/2005 – 25/09/2005
Cards at the Fair, Gallery of the Cloister of St. Francis Convent, Bagnacavallo – invited artist

01/12/2005 – 31/01/2006
Collective: Proposals for Christmas, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

02/12/2006 – 14/01/2007
“Hans: Angels, Nature, Scripture“, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice

10/02/2007 – 20/02/2007
Collective: “Down the mask: It ‘Carnival!”, Bac Art Studio Gallery, Venice – Texts: I.Brentan