Angeli profani

From time Baruffaldi has accustomed to his Angels unusual. Free from any reference to tradition, they appear instead to emblems of 'today, witnesses of the new myths and new tic of contemporary man. Strong, muscular, irreverent, yet elicit some discussion for this declared and presented their physical prowess, as if they had something to appear [...]

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Angeli incisi, Angeli dipinti

La pittrice Laura LO VERSO  dedica alcune opere ad olio su tavola al tema "Angeli" di Paolo Baruffaldi Piccole tavolette eseguite con sapiente tecnica pittorica, icone della contemporaneità, seguendo la definizione che l'incisore ha da sempre dato a queste opere rappresentanti il nudo maschile così come è rappresentato nella moda, nello sport, nei social network. [...]

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D’après Tiepolo and Piazzetta, ancient art today

       Left: d'Après G.B. Tiepolo, The Triumph of Zephyr and Flora right: d'Après G.B. Piazzetta, Madonna with the child Cover: d'Après G.B. Piazzetta, Angel paintings by Laura LO VERSO The season of painting in the eighteenth century knew his last great season. Today this form of artistic expression is devalued and debased to the benefit [...]

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