GIAN CAMPI, Case del silenzio, 5


Pietra di Vicenza e terracotta

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Born in Venice. Graduates at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice  –   Sculpture   – with Maestro Alberto Viani.


1961 – “Venetian Sculptors” , Galleria Bevilacqua La Masa – Venice

1975 – “Personal Exhibition”,  Galleria  del Cavallino – Venice

2003 – “Installations”,  Galleria BAC  Art  Studio – Venice

2004 – “Alberto Viani and six pupils”,  Galleria Civica, – Portogruaro (Venice)

2005  –  “New Icons”, Galleria BAC Art Studio – Venezia


He has been working for almost forty years, in an obsessive isolated way, on the same “canon” of sculpture, an attempt to recover an archaic time, a lost time.  His works are magic-ritual objects more than sculptures.

He lives and works in Venice


                       “The practice of repeating emancipates thought from time flying away”

                                                                                                     Lieh-Tzu  III Cent. B.C.


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