DALLA VENEZIA, figura allungata, 2014


oil on wood

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David DALLA VENEZIA was born in Cannes on April 10, 1965. He lives and works in Venice and Trieste. In 1987 he began his artistic career working with Hiroshi Daikoku on a series of murals painted on the wooden fences of construction sites throughout Venice. The two also took part in the happening “Incoherent Ravings of a Monkey” at the cultural centre S. Leonardo in Venice on April 15, 1989.

His character “man with glasses” appears throughout his artistic production in recent years.
David Dalla Venezia is also an engraver etching. Some of his pictorial subjects have been translated by the same artist in black and white engravings from strong impact. Signed and numbered editions.

Recent exhibitions: one-man show at the Gallery Eikelmann in Düsseldorf (April 2001); one-man show at the Gallery L’Occhio in Venice (June 2001).

2006: one-man-show BAC Art Studio, Venice

2007: one-man-show, Galleria Calle delle Botteghe, Venice

2010: Kitsch Biennale, palazzo Cini, Venezia

October 2014: solo exhibition at the gallery Burkhard Dusseldorf “Psychophagòmenos”

N.B: If you want other information, you will read them by catalog “Quaderno BAC n° 3 and n° 15”

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