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Tecnica mista, anni “60/70

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Born in Venice in 1920, Ferruccio Bortoluzzi received his diploma from the Art Institute there in 1942. He has taught for the same Institute, the Artistic High School as well as for the Senior Course of Industrial Design. Immediately following the war, he was one of the founders of “L’Arco” Cultural Center in Venice. From 1943-1995 he had numerous one-man shows both in Italy and abroad and his works can be seen in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

A contemporary documentation of his artistic activities can be found at the Historical Archive of Contemporary Art in Venice (l’Archivio Storico d’Arte Contemporanea di Venezia). The artist currently lives in Venice.


…Bortoluzzi has given a space and a voice to all those materials, rusted iron, rotten wood – corroded by time, the so called “fragments of existence”, which today’s society has labeled as waste since they are battered, fossilized and above all unusable.

After having gathered the material and saved them from certain demise, he intervenes, manipulating them as an alchemist does with crude, raw material in order to achieve the final result which is gold. (by Ines Brentan)


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