BARUFFALDI, via Crucis laica, ottava stazione

Graphic work


309, Romea State Road

A secular Via Crucis

Digital processing

Print on canvas, 2015

It consists of 14 works, such as the stations of a via Crucis, therefore a not separable unicum.

Work presented in Venice during the “This is Contemporay art” event,

at the Cloister of the Basilica dei Frari, on the occasion of the 2015 Biennale art.


Painter and engraver. In 1975 he graduated in Philosophy and began the first graphic experiments with Licata, Sanchini and Goetz. In 1982 and 1983, he participated in the Contemporary Art Meetings organized by the municipality of Anacapri and coordinated by Gillo Dorfles. In 1983 he presented at the Center George Pompidou in Paris, the volume “Carnival in Venice”, published by the Doge Editore.

In the same year the artistic project “Venezia Capitale” began in three successive phases:

– La Mala Pianta, works on concrete, canvas, plexiglass, 1983;

– Lovers, reliefs, works on wooden silhouettes, 1984;

-The Gran Narciso, works on paper and canvas, 1986.

In 1988 he exhibited “Made in Italy”, an ironic title to present a corpus of engravings inspired by clothes. In the same period it is measured with a classic theme, still life, choosing the carborundum as a technique. Common to these works is the use of large format matrices and the very low edition that goes from the single specimen to the eleven specimens.

The other important exhibitions of this period are:

-1990, Terra di Siena, aquatints and carborundum;

-1991, One on One, when the engraving is a single copy;

-1991, Le Réveil, folder of seven colored engravings;

-1993, Ostentatio Imaginis, computer drawings;

-1994, Profane Carnival, etchings, aquatints, soft waxes;

-1997, Matinée, acquetinte, continuation of Le Réveil.

With the personal exhibition Le Réveil 2000 Baruffaldi inserts into the artistic production a new theme that develops around the figure of the Angel. Angels, Archangels, Seraphim and Cherubs understood by the artist according to his own personal vision “profane” (see Quaderno BAC n ° 7).

Followed by other thematic exhibitions where it takes its own sign-signature, stylization of the Lion and the Angel, using new intaglio and xylographic techniques with the introduction also of digital photography:

In Illo Tempore, Hans, Terrae (see Notebook BAC No. 11).

In 2004 he approached the ancient art of the Icon on a table and performed some egg-based tempera paintings of classical inspiration, turning however soon to the execution of some tables with “profane” subjects, taking inspiration from myths and contemporary faces, practically the “New Icons”.

In 2007 the BAC Notebook No. 17 “The Lion and the Angel” is released, with the new works by the artist on Angels and Archangels. The critical introduction is by Giuliano Gargano.

An exhibition of these Angels takes part in the 3rd Day of Contemporary Art on 6 October 2007, organized by the BAC ART STUDIO gallery under the auspices of the AMACI association.

2018, two new series of works:

Despite Venice, carborundum
Angel of the Shipwreck, mixed technique on plexiglass

In the same year the volume “Il colore inciso”, published by Marsilio, is published on the artist’s forty years of engraving activity.

Moreover, over the years, Baruffaldi has published the following folders:

FINDS (1978), La LUNA (1980), ATTICA (1987), CODE 48 (1995), SEVEN BROTHERS (2005).



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