CADORE, Le ballerine di Degas




Degas’ dancers, screen printing 1977. 15/15

CADORE. Artist-Engraver, he trained artistically by attending courses in engraving techniques at the International School of Graphics in Venice and summer courses in Woodcut at the Art Institute of Urbino. Professionally he has devoted himself to the classic techniques of engraving since 1977, the year in which he opened the first graphics laboratory in Venice, S. Croce.

Each of its slabs (copper, brass or zinc matrix) is conceived, engraved and printed directly in the laboratories of the BAC Art Studio Gallery.

Cadore, since 1977, introduced a very personal (and often imitated) use of the “à la poupée” inking which modified the traditional eighteenth-nineteenth-century way of conceiving the printing of views.

A Cadore aquatint is usually “pulled” in a low number of specimens (22 to 44). The artist’s tests do not exceed 10 copies.

Among his favorite subjects: Views of Venice and the Lagoon, Flowers and Animals, History of Art.

See BAC Notebook No. 10

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