As an engraver he is most interested in aquatint. He has modified the traditional 18th and 19th century conceptions of the veduta by introducing a personalized use of the “à la poupée” ink technique. The light and its reflection on the Venetian canals and in the lagoon are among his favorite subjects. His works also include a selection of miniatures of cats, flowers and insects as well as images inspired by famous portraits taken from the History of Art.


BAC Art Studio gives the name “Original Graphic Work” only to those works that correspond to the definition established in 1964 by the Syndicale de l’Estampe et du Dessin:


“Original Engravings are considered to be those works pulled in black or in color consisting of one or more plates, engraved and hand-worked by the same artist regardless of the technique used and excluding the use of mechanical and photographic procedures.”