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BARUFFALDI, Arlecchino gondoliere


tempera su carta

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In Baruffaldi’s graphics there have always been subjects (Angels, Réveil and Carnevale) with an exhibition of the nude. The techniques used were etching, aquatint, dry point and soft varnish and the editions included a few examples, at most 44. For some years, the artist has also been adding to this production nudes executed in tempera or watercolor, on a graphic basis. In this case the specimens become unique. Sometimes they are Harlequins or Pulcinella, other times Angels and Archangels; they are often real nudes, intriguing and explicit, in any case carried out with grace and elegance. We are very far from the rampant display of images bordering on pornography that have invaded social media. An indistinct and confused, redundant mass, where narcissism and voyeurism are the only obvious figures. The artistic nude has always been present in epochs and peoples, from wall paintings, to drawings, even in churches and places of worship. Therefore, the exhibition of a naked body does not cause a scandal in itself. Everything is always in the eye of the beholder, we know this well. These works are small in size, precisely because they are intended for lovers of miniatures, artist carnets, personal collections. Info:

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