Since March 12, 2020, with the emergency due to the spread of Coronavirus also in Italy and especially in the Veneto region (in the first phase), everything has changed in our habits and the Gallery has also had to adapt to the emergency. The Venice office was closed and, after the first weeks of general dismay, we began to inform our friends and collectors with periodic newsletters. For the first time in our exhibition history, which coincides with 45 years of activity, we had already thought of offering many of the works in the collection in promotion, applying significant discounts. The closure of the gallery obviously suspended our idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcelebrating the anniversary, but it pushed us to apply the promotion equally on all the products present, both in the gallery and on our official website.

Until? At this moment the date of 11 May 2020 seems to be looming, but everything has yet to be decided on the methods of opening, rules, various provisions.

Here in Venice the crisis had already started with the high water of November 2019: tourism disappeared, expenses to be incurred to restart the damaged premises, promised economic support immediately, but very far from being real. So we also fear for the aid prepared for this second crisis. The times of bureaucracy and the often abstruse ways of accepting citizens’ requests do not bode well. Meanwhile, even if it were to reopen, there will be no customers for artistic activities, in the absence of foreign tourism. Current rents and expenses will continue to burden and many will close having no concrete alternatives.

However, we remain confident. We will continue our online activity and reopen as soon as possible, counting on the return of those who, for 45 years, have always followed us, supported and encouraged us. Thanks!