Volume published by Marsilio, about the 40 years of graphic activity by Paolo Baruffaldi.

Soon the volume will be available in bookstores and on the website of the BAC ART STUDIO gallery

“Historically, the engraving, although known in the East since the farthest centuries, begins its season in Europe, between the fifteenth and the sixteenth century, in an auxiliary function compared to the great painting.The engraving, in its various forms, techniques and languages, it lends itself well to the reproduction of a pictorial subject, thus contributing to the dissemination of the works of the great artists to a wider audience, compared to the clients only and to the limited circles of connoisseurs and collectors.

Much luck, for example, was the Xilographies of Titian, the engravings of Dürer, Rembrant, Piranesi, Goya.

Another aspect that brought a lot of luck and spread of the engraving was its use, both in the religious sphere (the holy images and the devotional images) and in the profane field (playing cards, tarot cards).

The recording, one could say with a gamble, was the “social” environment of those centuries … “(from the introduction of the author)