Since 1981, Paolo Baruffaldi every year creates a poster for the Carnival of Venice. The project started with an idea original artist, taken from the Commedia dell’Arte and new myths and characters of everyday life. We saw Pulcinella and Harlequins traditional dress and undress as models made in Italy. Irony, denunciation, the game of fantasy.

In the background always Venice Serenissima”, sure of charm unchanging over time, despite the bad weather of modern times that the scar with construction projects and senseless and reckless. In his name, in fact, many contemporaries are enriched without hesitation and dignity, having long abandoned the spirit that animated over the centuries. But these are vultures that will pass.

Carnival look at these political puppets with disenchantment, but also with the right hardness. Dancing, singing, parties should have as its theme the actuality. To denounce and flog these characters, simply by displaying their photos accompanied by promises lavished over the years, in the name of Venice, as they filled their bank accounts and their villas.

In the image of this year, Pulcinella and Bautta look left and right, as if reality remained out of this scene with St. George in the background to act as a witness. Must bring some reality into the image, but before we push out the usurpers of these recent years.

The gallery BAC ART STUDIO, during the period of Carnival exposes all the posters designed by Baruffaldi proposing at the price political” of 10 euro.