lov46  St. George, oil


lov42  Nude, drawing

We present the latest paintings by Laura Lo Verso, venetian artist,  and some drawings in pencil, charcoal, pencil.

Subjects that the artist knows how to make the current, even if the starting point refers to the great classics of painting and drawing.


Laura Lo Verso
Born in Venice in 1962, attended the Artistic Lyceum and continued his studies in Milan at the Istituto Europeo di Design.
She works in advertising and illustrates some books by writers from the Veneto. She has seven years experience of working with the Walt Disney Italian, as a designer. At the Academy of this company is also a graduate, winning the national award organized by the Contributing Artists.
In the same years a continuous course of study aimed to revisit the historical tradition of Venetian art, from the Byzantine mosaic painting techniques, creating their own works through the use of natural materials and recipes retrieved from the experience of the past.
Refine your training closely following academic studies and teaching laboratory.