Dove si trova la sede della Galleria a Venezia?2018-04-04T11:14:17+02:00

The new headquarters of the BAC ART gallery are located in the sestiere of S. Marco at number 3451.

From Campo Santo Stefano take Calle delle Botteghe, on the way to Palazzo Grassi. About halfway up the street, the main entrance to number 3451.

Water bus stops: Accademia, line 1 and line 2 – S.Samuele stop, line 2.

Which are the artistic products present in the gallery?2016-08-22T14:49:56+02:00


The BAC ART STUDIO Gallery has three main sections:

1) ARTISTS: Painting, Sculpture, Graphics and photos, historic Murano glass

2) BARUFFALDI and CADORE: graphics in limited edition and signed

3) MARKET: our flea market, with works in ceramics, porcelain, glass, wood. Small objects collectibles, with affordable prices.



There is a spending limit for the free shipping?2016-08-22T14:54:50+02:00

YES! We have fixed the limit to 350 . Until 350 of purchases, expenses are calculated according to the country or geographical target area.


What is the Certificate of Guarantee?2016-08-22T14:50:55+02:00

Certificate of Guarantee


The Gallery is an intermediary between the artist and the public. The artist signed the work, the Gallery certifies the work.
Therefore, all the works proposed by the BAC ART STUDIO are accompanied by a certificate of guarantee that will be sent with each work purchased.
In the certificate, the Gallery certifies the following data:
-support material (canvas, paper, wood, etc.)
For art editions, engravings or photographs (multiple), also it indicates the total number of edition.
Each certificate shall bear an engraved stamp with BAC Art Studio logo.


N.B. These are works of art, it is possible that the color vision of your monitor change the original colors.


What conditions of sale apply the gallery?2018-04-24T18:00:59+02:00

Sales conditions


The BAC ART STUDIO want total satisfaction of its customers and therefore invites them to report all possible inconveniences, related to the purchase, within 14 days of receipt.
The customer must fax or email the reasons for their dissatisfaction and declare whether it intends to return or exchange the item purchased.
Only after having informed and have received confirmation from us, you will ship the good with insurance. Shipping and insurance will be your responsibility.
Within 14 days of receipt of the returned item, we will send you the amount you paid (excluding shipping and insurance costs) or alternatively (if you requested) another work in the catalog, of the same amount.

-The Prices include VAT, excluding shipping costs and any insurance.

The payment systems accepted by us are those present in the “form” of our Website, at the time of purchase.

Within 24 hours of the order date, the purchased goods (painting, sculpture, etchings, other) will be shipped with the Transport (Postal Package, shipping company, other) that will be communicated.

We inform the customer that their personal data will be used by us, only in order to execute the purchase contract and, for temporary use, only by the Company or the Shipping Carrier.
Informations, and your personal data will not be disclosed in any way to other organizations, Institutions or persons.

-Number Of VAT IT02962130270

We recommend the customer, before making any order, to read carefully all instructions about the Privacy and the provisions for returning the goods.

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