Painting, Sculpture, Graphics, Photography, Art Publishing, Murano Glass and Antiques

born from the experience of Paolo Baruffaldi and Claudio Bazzichetto with the creation of the Art Workshops ” Cadore ” in 1977 in Venice – S. Croce , in 1980 in Paris-Montparnasse and 1981 in Rialto. The true birth of the artistic and exhibition with a sign ” BAC ART STUDIO ” is still placed in the opening of the field office in San Maurizio in 1985. The new office in San Vio (1998 ) is the further and more important stage of this long planning and artistic development. The exhibition space of the new gallery includes: a graphics shop, where they continue to carry out its activities of design and research Baruffaldi and Cadore, an art gallery, for solo and group exhibitions; Publishing a section for the presentation of prints, posters, catalogs and art books, bookmarks, book .

In February 2017 the activity of the gallery moves to Calle delle Botteghe 3451, Campo S. Stefano area. In this path leading to Palazzo Grassi, they still resist antique activities, painting and photography galleries, antique booksellers, small shops of Fine Art items.