Street Art and Art Gallery seem to be opposing, if not irreconcilable terms and artistic trends. Yet many artists born as “street artists” have become among the best-known names in contemporary art in recent decades. This new figuration clearly goes beyond the dominant trend of art, which remains conceptual, for billionaire collectors and often banally “big”. We have searched the immense world of the Web for some of these artists who have brought their messages from the Street to the Canvas. Therefore we do not offer fragments taken from walls or fences used mainly by street art, but real canvases in small dimensions, suitable for the spaces of a small gallery. Obscure writings triumph, the well-known faces of comics and cinema with bright colours, sometimes acidic and sometimes with unlikely combinations. However, a newfound pleasure for painting and the figure. For this reason I have not created a special section, but they have been included in the collection of contemporary ARTISTS.

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