Luisa Randazzo, in addition to terracotta sculptures, had dedicated herself to renewing a sector of collecting, that of porcelain dolls, which had been neglected after the glories of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She uses biscuit porcelain, which allows her to intervene on the faces of her “creatures” with delicate and precious nuances. Each Doll has its own name and personalized clothing. We are far from the mass-produced dolls that are so widespread and so banal. In the 70s and 90s they had become a highly sought after collector’s item. Then production stopped due to the artist’s health reasons. Whoever has a Randazzo Doll therefore has a real treasure. Our Gallery has been among the most fervent collectors and now we are making some examples available, for a fair, albeit belated, recognition of this secluded and silent artist who left us too soon.


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