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For the "black friday" we have a preview for our customers and collectors: on January 23, 2021 the "Pierre Bergé & Associés" auction house (France), organizes an auction of the Baruffaldi-Bazzichetto collection in Venice, at the Hotel Ca' Sagredo. The collection includes about 600 lots: -ancient paintings -painting and sculpture from the twentieth century to [...]

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BARUFFALDI, Graphic painting in the work of Enrico RINALDI

Although it has disappeared from the important manifestations of Contemporary Art, painting has always continued to manifest itself through its graphic versions, occupying a very important niche in the art market. Already after the Second World War this trend had imposed itself through the graphic versions of the works of the most important, figurative and [...]

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In the time of Coronavirus

Since March 12, 2020, with the emergency due to the spread of Coronavirus also in Italy and especially in the Veneto region (in the first phase), everything has changed in our habits and the Gallery has also had to adapt to the emergency. The Venice office was closed and, after the first weeks of general [...]

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Sculture in plexiglass

We present for the first time the sculptures made in plexiglass, by a young Venetian artist: Michele GARLATO, Venice 1981 Plexiglass designer Specialized in the processing of polymethylmethacrylate, better known as plexiglass, it senses its expressive potential and proposes it as a strength of its work. Model shapes of the Venetian everyday life which, at [...]

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Angeli e Arcangeli di Baruffaldi

The artist takes one of his favorite themes, the profane angel, and adds watercolor to the etching. Recently he visited the Museum of Mozia, where he also placed the famous "Efebo", found in the excavations of the small Sicilian island at the end of the last century. In the showcases of the museum he identified [...]

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Il Colore Inciso

Volume published by Marsilio, about the 40 years of graphic activity by Paolo Baruffaldi. Soon the volume will be available in bookstores and on the website of the BAC ART STUDIO gallery "Historically, the engraving, although known in the East since the farthest centuries, begins its season in Europe, between the fifteenth and the sixteenth [...]

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Opening Event

On February 4, 2017 we opened the new headquarters of the Gallery, St. Mark 3451 (Calle delle Botteghe). Artists BAC present with collectors, journalists, friends and visitors. Sabbioni, Gian Campi, Baruffaldi with David Dalla Venezia Paolo Baretta and Puni with Toni Dalla Venezia with Ettore Greco e Silvia Brentan   inauguration day 1 inauguration day [...]

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Con il 2017, la Galleria BAC ART STUDIO si trasferisce da Dorsoduro 862 a S. Marco 3451. La prima sede fu aperta in Campo S. Maurizio nel 1985, la seconda a S. Vio nel 1998. L’attività di galleria si innestava, comunque, in una precedente attività di “bottega” d’arte, aperta nel 1977 a S. Croce, come [...]

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“Calle delle Botteghe” the new Bac Art Gallery

Venice has dozens of Calli of Forner, del Pistor, the Pestrin, Malvasia; but also of Botteri, of Lustraferi, the Tintor, the Tagiapiera; It has the Merceria, the Spadaria, the Naranzaria; on its walls are written the names of a thousand trades, among those who have made the history of the Venetian Republic, because there it [...]

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The Gallery BAC ART STUDIO will move from Dorsoduro 862 towards S. Marco 3451. The transfer is expected in December 2016. Our history: The first gallery was opened in Campo S. Maurizio in 1985, the second in S. Vio in 1998. These relocations have followed largely the changes in tourism in the city, not to [...]

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