Exhibition-installation, with opening concert, at the Ateneo S. Basso, in Piazza S. Marco in Venice

THE BAD PLANT (8 – 29 October 1983)

The first chapter of Venezia Capitale, “La Mala Pianta”, is built on seven matrices suitable for being printed with a chalcographic press, plus some cement and plexiglass panels on which I intervened with the pyrography and acrylic colors.

The starting point is given by the shape of Venice, its contours and its parts that envelop, embrace and devour each other.

This form, treated with pictorial, material, chalcographic means, has opened up not one but a thousand possibilities for representation and evolution. I found her docile, malleable, malleable.

Something that on the one hand could constitute a game of the imagination had become, in this pursuit of a form in its unpredictable and exciting mutations, an irreversible need to say, to tell, to reveal myself.

This is why I stopped at a certain point: I was afraid of being naked and defenceless. Above all, I didn’t want to be indecent.


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