The Gallery BAC ART STUDIO will move from Dorsoduro 862 towards S. Marco 3451. The transfer is expected in December 2016.

Our history:

The first gallery was opened in Campo S. Maurizio in 1985, the second in S. Vio in 1998.

These relocations have followed largely the changes in tourism in the city, not to humor them but to stay out of it.

The large attendance numbers, often claimed by institutions, almost never mean an advantage for Venice as a whole. The degradation that now all report because arrived in palpable and visible layers, is proving that the tourist reception policies were largely short-sighted and counterproductive.

Large numbers have led to the distortion of the social and economic fabric of the territory. Gone the grocery stores, replaced by a few supermarkets in the city and especially the big shopping centers on the mainland; disappeared the neighborhood shops; uncontrolled proliferation of similar businesses that sell the same things at bargain prices; bàcari replaced by cutting pizzas, fast food and ice cream; antique shops and art galleries reduced to a small number of brave survivors.

We belong to the latter category and testify, with the transfer of the headquarters, the desire to maintain the presence of careful exhibition activity to contemporary art news, even in a landscape so precarious and bleak.

The change in location takes us to St. Mark’s, in St. Stephen area, in the small part of the district reached by degradation that retains much of the atmosphere of Venice now lost elsewhere. No coincidence that we are in “Calle delle Botteghe”: small antiques shops, taverns, art galleries, colorful shops, historic Murano glass and even a grocery store.

Not to mention that from here you pass to go to the Palazzo Grassi at San Samuele and the gondola that leads to S. Toma.

We are therefore a Gallery version we can define BAC Art Studio 3.0!

The latest version of the corporate website, faithfully reflects the configuration of the gallery, as well as will be set up in this new office.

Proposals of contemporary art with works of Painting and Sculpture.
Original graphics and photography in numbered and signed edition.
valuable collectibles: Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Oggettistica.