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For the "black friday" we have a preview for our customers and collectors: on January 23, 2021 the "Pierre Bergé & Associés" auction house (France), organizes an auction of the Baruffaldi-Bazzichetto collection in Venice, at the Hotel Ca' Sagredo. The collection includes about 600 lots: -ancient paintings -painting and sculpture from the twentieth century to [...]

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BARUFFALDI, Graphic painting in the work of Enrico RINALDI

Although it has disappeared from the important manifestations of Contemporary Art, painting has always continued to manifest itself through its graphic versions, occupying a very important niche in the art market. Already after the Second World War this trend had imposed itself through the graphic versions of the works of the most important, figurative and [...]

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In the time of Coronavirus

Since March 12, 2020, with the emergency due to the spread of Coronavirus also in Italy and especially in the Veneto region (in the first phase), everything has changed in our habits and the Gallery has also had to adapt to the emergency. The Venice office was closed and, after the first weeks of general [...]

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Gianni SABBIONI Gallery BAC Art Studio introduces one beautiful collection of works of Sabbioni. The painter Sabbioni is one of the contemporary artists who are succeed to paint Venice in not banal or “cartolinesco” way. In its works famous undoubtedly the derivation from the great from Bologna “pittorica” season of Morandi. But the vision that [...]

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Paolo Baretta, Milan 1961. He attended from 1992 to the study of the master Egidio Fusi participating in some competitions in the meantime. In the 90s began a partnership with William Congdon, the last great author of the New York group Action Painting, friendship and work interrupted only by the master's death in 1998. Since [...]

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Painter and engraver. In 1975 he graduated in Philosophy and began the first graphic experiments with Licata, Sanchini and Goetz. In 1982 and 1983 he took part in the Meetings of Contemporary Art organized by the municipality of Anacapri and coordinated by Gillo Dorfles. In 1983 he presented at the Center George Pompidou in Paris, [...]

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David DALLA VENEZIA was born in Cannes on April 10, 1965. He lives and works in Venice and Trieste. In 1987 he began his artistic career working with Hiroshi Daikoku on a series of murals painted on the wooden fences of construction sites throughout Venice. The two also took part in the happening “Incoherent Ravings [...]

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Michele GARLATO, Venice 1981 Plexiglass designer Venetian Designer, begins self-taught art career. Specializing in the processing of polymethylmethacrylate, better known as plexiglass, it understands the expressive potential and puts it back as a point of strength of his work. It is a model of Venetian daily life that is rich in symbolic and deeply rooted [...]

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Giancarlo Franco TRAMONTIN

GIANCARLO FRANCO TRAMONTIN was born In Venice in 1931. He finished his Sculpture studies at the Accademy of Fine Arts of Venice where he was a pupil of Alberto Viani. Subsequently he became the head of the Sculpture department of the same Accademy. In 1956 he won a bursary of The Ministry of Public Instruction [...]

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Enrico Rinaldi   Born in Udine (Italy) 1960. Lives and works in Venice, degree in Architecture at University IUAV. Since after degree he teaches in university courses overall about “video making” matters (theoretical and practical side). He is involved in photography, graphics and artistic installations. He has realized art works combining pasted and contemporary stuff. [...]

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