From time Baruffaldi has accustomed to his Angels unusual. Free from any reference to tradition, they appear instead to emblems of ‘today, witnesses of the new myths and new tic of contemporary man.

Strong, muscular, irreverent, yet elicit some discussion for this declared and presented their physical prowess, as if they had something to appear naked even “obscene” in a society that so obscene, but not of this private nature.

The technique remains the engraving: etching, soft waxes, aquatints. In the chaos of colorful images, often trivial, reaching us from every opening of the web, they take us back to the warm tones of the work performed by the artist patiently on a copper matrix. Tones, colors, reflections, even smells of old. Not for this, less suggestive stimuli and references, real bread and butter of the imagination that is getting out little by little.

The latter Angels “live” Venice. The artist has combined the figure of ‘Angelo a context of real life, as if to emphasize its belonging to the everyday, to the experience. No more ethereal figures, celestial personifications of gooders of beautiful souls, but to exhibit their physical bodies and ostentatious that force the eye without ambiguity or ambivalence unmentioned. (trad. Google)