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CADORE, Venice, canal


etching and aquatint

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EVERY ENGRAVING PRODUCED AT THE BAC ART STUDIO BEARS ITS OWN EMBOSSED MARK. EACH ENGRAVING, MOREOVER, BEARS AN ARABIC NUMERAL (indicanting its position in the edition, which normally consist of 44 copies), AND A ROMAN NUMERAL ( XI artist’s proofs).


CADORE. Engraver and etcher, he is most interested in aquatint. He has modified the traditional 18th and 19th century conceptions of the veduta by introducing a personalized use of the “à la poupée” ink technique. The light and its reflection on the Venetian canals and in the Lagoon are among his favorite subjects. His works also include a selection of miniatures of cats, flowers and insects as well as images inspired by famous portraits taken from the History of Art.

N.B: If you want other information, you will read them by catalog “Quaderno BAC n° 10”


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29,4 x 11,8 cm @en


35 x 50 cm @en


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