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AFFABRIS, red dachshund


Sculpture coated glass beads

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red dachshund
Sculpture coated glass beads

Giorgio Affabris

Venice, 1942. Self-taught artist, over the years, “70 he participated in several art exhibitions organized by the Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, who gave him a studio in the building Carminati, real hotbed of art for many artists of that generation. He also writes Giorgio Trentin in the presentation of Folder “The seven of building Carminati.”

Other exhibitions are organized by the galleries il Traghetto , Nuovo Spazio Space, The L\’Immagine , Marchall Gallery (London).

His works are in numerous public and private collections and have often been awarded to the various events which they participated.

Particularly significantglass sculptures by the artist Eulisse wrote: … His sculpture objects have the consciousness of today, that way circular breakout of unrest and at the same time escape today and the scent of this of things; are a mise en mémoire, a reversal in the memory of this: all dance, expands, exceeds the real to become available to the fable of glass that comes from the chronicle to swim in the pure concept of space. “

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