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CADORE, Venezia – S.Trovaso


etching and aquatint

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We propose some original engravings from Cadore at the beginning of its activity, between 1977 and 1987. They are part of the first run and then of law can “historical” considered now, it never re-edited.

S.Trovaso, 69/77 -1980

CADORE. Artist-engraver, was formed artistically attending the techniques of engraving courses at the International School of Graphics in Venice and summer courses Woodcut at the Institute of Art in Urbino. Professionally he dedicated to the classical techniques of engraving from 1977, when he opened the first graphics workshop in Venice, S. Croce.

Every plate (copper plate, brass or zinc) is designed, engraved and printed directly in the laboratories of the BAC Gallery Art Studio.

Cadore, since 1977, has introduced a very personal (and often imitated) inking use “à la poupée” which modified the traditional seven-century way of thinking about the printing of view.

Aquatint di Cadore is usually “pulled” into a low copy number (22 to 44). The artist’s proofs do not exceed 10 copies.

His favorite subjects: Views of Venice and the Lagoon, Flowers and Animals, Art History.

See BAC Notebook No. 10


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10 x 7 cm


24 x 30 cm @en


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