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Opening Event

On February 4, 2017 we opened the new headquarters of the Gallery, St. Mark 3451 (Calle delle Botteghe).

Artists BAC present with collectors, journalists, friends and visitors.

Sabbioni, Gian Campi, Baruffaldi

with David Dalla Venezia

Paolo Baretta and Puni

with Toni Dalla Venezia

with Ettore Greco e Silvia Brentan


inauguration day 1

inauguration day 2

the final preparations before the opening







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Con il 2017, la Galleria BAC ART STUDIO si trasferisce da Dorsoduro 862 a S. Marco 3451.

La prima sede fu aperta in Campo S. Maurizio nel 1985, la seconda a S. Vio nel 1998. L’attività di galleria si innestava, comunque, in una precedente attività di “bottega” d’arte, aperta nel 1977 a S. Croce, come primo […]

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“Calle delle Botteghe” the new Bac Art Gallery

Venice has dozens of Calli of Forner, del Pistor, the Pestrin, Malvasia; but also of Botteri, of Lustraferi, the Tintor, the Tagiapiera; It has the Merceria, the Spadaria, the Naranzaria; on its walls are written the names of a thousand trades, among those who have made the history of the Venetian Republic, because there it […]

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The Gallery BAC ART STUDIO will move from Dorsoduro 862 towards S. Marco 3451. The transfer is expected in December 2016.

Our history:

The first gallery was opened in Campo S. Maurizio in 1985, the second in S. Vio in 1998.

These relocations have followed largely the changes in tourism in the city, not to humor them but […]

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Welcome back ….with discount

To welcome back to our audience of friends, collectors and admirers, we send a discount code of 10% on all our products. Those who are already subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive an email with the code, without having to register again. For those interested, but not yet registered, we recommend you to send […]

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